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Joel Bruneau, Maire de Caen, s'entretient avec l'artiste Gaby Merman auteur de l'exposition "Lumières de lames". Le néon du cadre de Lilith crée une ambiance rose bonbon. – avec Joël Bruneau etGaby Merman à Espace Yvonne Guégan.

Hello dear reader. I am Gaby Merman. I paint, draw and write. I don’t know if it makes an artist out of me, but what I am sure of is that I have many messages to deliver to every heart and soul ready to receive them. This could be, to my mind, one of the best definitions of what an artist is. Thanks to my grandfather, I am deeply connected to the things of the soul and the spirit; notions I grew up with. I work every day on getting my eyes even more open than they were the day before. One of the goals in life that will surely never find an end. “Art is not a pleasure, a solace, or an amusement; art is a great matter. Art is an organ of human life, transmitting man’s reasonable perception into feeling.” — Leo Tolstoy Like Andersen’s Little Mermaid, I’m trapped between two worlds. I’m on a rock the waves bring little treasures to. I’m never sure of their value, but I tend to give them the one I want. I feel like a duty to swim to the beach and lay them down in men’s sight. Then I can go back to my cave with the feeling of a work done. That’s why my artist name is Merman. “My life will be the best illustration of all my work.” - Hans Christian Andersen. I didn’t go to any art school. I wanted to keep my flame away from the consensual winds, and to find by myself worthy wood to start my fire on. With this torch, I walked down my inner darkness, and found shadows I learned to love. The main story hidden in every single painting I make is about dragging our unkillable demons into the light, where they finally can serve for the better. That’s why I say « Welcome your Darkness to find the Light. » Every piece I create is a fragment of a journey, a memory found down the road to the heart of human kind. But like most of the travels, the path is more important than the place it leads to. « We hold the world inside of us in images » - Paul Diel The core of my work nowadays is this Tarot project. My interest for this very special art didn’t stop growing since I bought my first deck at the age of twelve. My childhood has been filled with christian imagery, and I’ve been instantly attracted to the traditional cards as they reminded me the painted glass from my favorite churches. Years passed by, and my desire of creating my own deck became too strong to resist. But I needed to use it to express the deepest messages I have inside of me. The dream of endless bridges of understanding and love between every spiritualities, cultures and worlds, through space and time. That’s why I used spiritual and religious characters from my own culture as a prism to look at every other one. I turned the Cana’s Wedding into a traditional indian celebration, the Queen of Sheba into a voodoo priestess, Saint Lazarus into an egyptian mummy or King Solomon into an aztec god. I want to create a tool to make people think twice about how important having a culture is, especially in a time of big changes, uniformisation and spiritual and religious misunderstandings. I still think the keys of a bright future are in our brightest past. « To look for the future one better have a big memory » - Nietzsche I invite you to see light through my eyes. Feel what you feel. Love, Gaby Merman

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